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Dried Golden Berry

Golden Berry carries a main source of: provitamins A, vitamin C, and complex B vitamins (thiamin, niacin, vitamin B12), protein & phosphorus. It can be used for therapeutic purposes and recommended for people with all types of diabetes. In addition, it supports treatments for prostate problems due its diuretic properties. Gold Berry can also be used a natural tranquilizer because of its flavonoids content. Its potent antioxidant prevents cell aging and cancer of the stomach, colon, and bowel


Purify blood

Strengthen optic nerves

Heal wounds

Combat against allergies such as asthma

Remedies against stress

Works against fatigue (physical and mental)

Helps against depression

Calm symptoms from menopause by increasing estrogen

Alleviate mild pains

Growth & development of bones

Attributes proper functioning of organs


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