We’re a proudly american company. We can guarantee you quality in our products and fast delivery in your orders. Feel safe as orders are made under contract and guaranteed delivery.

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The greatest treasure is health.

We consistently monitor and analyze our workflow to improve our standards and work processes.

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Our company is located in the United States and have commercial offices located in Europe, Asia and South America.

Our main storage and production facility is located in Lima, Peru and we are situated 30 minutes away from the seaport of Callao.

We are dedicated to the production and exportation of Peruvian natural products. We uphold a very high quality standard, manufacturing our products according to GMP, HACCP and various other prestigious standards that ensure our customer satisfaction.



Bringing Peruvian nature to your business!

Av Los Alamos, Manzana I, Lt Asociacion Valle Chillon Puente Piedra 22 Lima – Peru

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